There is this new couple who is entering our little circle of friends. They are in the same business as we are and our two closest couple friends. And DAMN she is an artist. This frustrates me. WHY? Because the other two are artists too (one much better than the other) and now I have three friends who are all arty farty and then there is ME. I am not arty farty. I knit. Yep. I know that is a bit crafty but I am not an artist and it makes me feel a little insecure when I have all these arty friends. You know the difference between homemade and handmade...I am definitely the homemade looking type of person.

One friend is an incredible artist, calligrapher, singer, and choir conductor. The other is more of a dabbler in both art and singing. This new friend is not a dabbler and is quite a good artist. This really sucks for me.



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