It's the Easter weekend and some of my family is in town to celebrate with us which is usually pretty awesome...busy and stressful but awesome. BUT so far this week I have had one kid puke, two kids with ear infections one whose eardrum burst. I have been up two nights in a row and just feel so done. THEN my sister and her two kids come which is great but an hour and a half from when she got here she and Mom leave to pick up some groceries. My sister says, "Why are you coming Mom? That means we leave Mary with all the kids." My Mom mumbles, "Who cares - whatever."

This breaks my heart. I die a little bit. I know her attitude...It's - As long as it isn't me. See all I really am good for is babysitting, making them dinner (well not my sister's children because she told me that her kids wouldn't eat what I make - which was homemade vegetarian soup), buy all the eggs and egg dyeing stuff, organize Easter dinner, egg hunt and everything in between. There is nothing like family to make you feel kinda wretched.

Oh well the Eggs are done. Tomorrow hopefully my kiddos will be feeling better. I hope.
My Mom and I are the only ones not in the wedding party and we got stuck with looking after the kids that aren't in the wedding party during the wedding itself. Orthodox weddings are not short and all the kids are 6,5,4,3,2. I have become my Mother. I know I should be grateful because I love my Mom but yep, child care and food, that is all I am good for.

How did I become this person? I know I am not entirely this person but how did I come to be perceived as this person? How did in the minds of my siblings I have become relegated as an old woman with no thoughts but to look after kids?


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