You know, friendship is hard work. This week and last week I have had two annoying experiences with long time friends. One out and out made fun of my hobby and didn't want to hang around when I wanted to share some other friends with her and something that meant a lot to me. The other made me feel rotten for getting her to watch my kids one morning even though I have watched her kids tons of times and when I asked her she was all positive about it but then I saw her semi complaining about it on facebook and if it wasn't complaining it was look at me who does this wonderful thing for my friend. It just irks the heck out of me and it hurts my feelings.

Also I hold a weekly Stitch & Bitch and lately no one has been coming. What is that about? Do I make people uncomfortable?

I think perhaps I am becoming more selfish. I used to think I was a really good friend and really good at friendships but lately I don't feel that way. Maybe I am spreading myself too thin, maybe I am feeling this way because I have too many friends and can't 'be there' for all of them. I don't know but I feel pretty hurt.

I have had two good friend experiences lately too. We were able to be there for some friends and they were appreciative and I had a very good time with my BFF the other day.


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