The truth is I am jealous. I figured that out all by myself this week. Aren't you proud of me?

No one ever calls me cool. I am too responsible and up tight to be called cool.

I have a good friend who is absolutely cool and I am honestly ashamed to say I am extremely jealous. I sometimes go over in my head all the things I think I am better at than she is just to make myself feel better but even if my kids are better behaved her naughty kids make her cooler. My home is cleaner than hers but really, her messy house is full of cool things.

My husband says real coolness is just being who you are and not caring what others think....Yeah, I am pretty boring and even if I am not caring what others think (yes, there have been moments) I am still pretty boring. What is it about me that likes boring things? Seriously, when I stumble across a blog of a similar SAHM with similar interests or whatever and I find it so BORING! I think to myself how boring can that woman be and then I see myself and think exactly the same thing.

I do not seem to generate interesting interests. I don't seem to think of fresh ideas. I guess I like my ruts and though I adapt well I don't really like change. How do I change that to become more interesting? Can I change that part of my personality? Do I really want to or do I like being boring and love to complain? (Complaining really is the pinnacle of being boring)

This is my struggle...being resentful & jealous of my very interesting friend because I am very boring and unoriginal.


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