I haven't done anything about my weight and I am still way chubbier than I would like to be. I am bigger than ever but I have been bigger than ever for the last pounds. I should be doing something about it because I am beginning to not to recognize myself. I am more than a chubby version of myself I am becoming someone I don't even recognize. I need to do something about it. I just don't know what. Okay, I do know what...Diet and Exercise. BUT (yeah, like you didn't know that was coming) it is SO not a priority. When I have free time and I don't have that much free time with three kids and one is still at home, I would rather read, knit, blog, email, write letters, watch TV than exercise. I have a friend who has really gotten into working out and she keeps saying, "If I can do it so can you." If I could I would. I know that is what all us fatties say. But really I am just not interested in working out - I wish I was but I am not. But I have to do something. I do not want to be this fat. I want to look like myself and not some unrecognizable fatty. So next week I am going to do something.


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