Like I mentioned in the previous post I am chubby. I haven't weighed myself since last summer but then I was 165 lbs which makes me quite chubby at 5'4". The weight isn't disgusting but it definitely is not attractive either. So I am going to start to do something about it. Again like I said in my previous post I am in my mid thirties...closer to 40 than 30 and I want to be thinner by my 40th birthday. So I am going to try and lose a pound a week...4 pounds a month and keep it off. So I am going to take a step out of an article I read and focus on THREE things to work on this week.

1. Exercise in the morning. Right now just going to focus on sit ups and leg lifts.
2. No tea in the morning. I love tea with sugar and milk. This is going to be my most difficult.
3. No Food after 8pm. This is left over from my Oprah watching days almost 9 years ago. I do snack a lot while watching TV or surfing the internet.


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