I actually forgot about this little dreamwidth account. I think I am going to use it to be all emo and cranky and angry and angsty and pitiful more often. I am needing an outlet in the worst way right now. Ha! I am glad I finally remembered. I think the name and the icons are perfect. How brilliant am I for thinking this all up? Very very Brilliant.

I am wearingly dull or perhaps it is wearyingly dull. OH...that isn't spell checked so I obviously am not a great speller. OH RATS! Oh well. Though it is going to bother me so I might end up changing my name.

I am a chubby, glasses wearing brunette, in her mid thirties woman who has a lovely family (three kids & a very nice husband) with many supportive friends and family. I do find in my life that I do not have the outlet to complain...I do but in a very mildish way. I am great at supporting people, encouraging people, helping people. I am a community builder and so there are only a very few people I do whine and complain to and that isn't often and sometimes I don't feel heard or validated because people tend to put people in a box and if I am a Helper how could I need Helping? Or if I do need Helping how can I Help others? See sad mess.

Funny thing is I don't even care that I don't have readers...what is that all about? For my two other blogs I do care. I like being read. This one I don't. I wonder why I just don't write this on paper instead of this silly live journal like website? Who knows? I am a bit of a flasher I guess.

I am grateful for my family & friends. I live a very blessed life. It won't always sound like I am grateful but really I am.
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